Semua yang Perlu Anda Ketahui


  1. How to create new account

    For registration please visit https://kerjaremote.online/register or click on register link in header.

    Note1: to activate your account we will send you verification email please avoid using fake email address.

    Note2: if you do not active your account, your data will be terminated permanently after 30 days.

  2. Social Media Oauth

    Kerjaremote.online has integrated social media Oauth for following platforms: Github, Bitbucket, Twitter, Facebook, Google. If you an account on any of those social media you will be able to register and login with one click only.

    Note: each social media Oauth has it's own permission requirements, make sure to read them before you grant access to kerjaremote.online.

  3. How verify my account

    Once you complete registration process we will send you activation link to your email address. Click on link in email and your account will be verify.

  4. How to secure my account

    We are strongly suggest you to activate 2fa from your profile page, but it's completely optional.

    More information provided once you visit your profile.

  5. How to login

    You can login with your email and password (if you signed up with your email) or use social media (if you register with social media).

    Note: You can always use email to login even if you registered with social media, just change your password on first login and then you can login using both methods.

  6. Retrieving my account

    If you or someone with your password deleted your account and you want to take back your account, you can contact us at info(@)kerjaremote.online and provide your legal identity documents we will help you to bring your account to life again.

    Note: this process can be done only if you filled your profile data previously, for those who didn't fill their profile with real data we are not able to help you.


  1. When should I pay?

    If you're project owner and you have accepted a user bid you'll be redirect to online payment page and there you can proceed your payment.

  2. How to withdraw my money?

    Once a project owner has accepted the results of your work you'll be able to request withdraw your money.

    Note: minimum amount for withdraw is Rp. 100.000 .

  3. Payment methods

    You're able to pay your bills by VISA CARD or CREDIT CARD issued by Indonesian banks.

    We are currently only accepting online payments and not bank wire.

    Your payments will proceed by Midtrans platform on kerja remote website.

  4. Commission

    Kerja remote provides free of use services to all it's users.

    The commission that kerja remote is taking is equal to 10% of bid amount.


    If you bid for a project with amount of Rp. 100.000 , kerja remote will earn Rp. 10.000 and Rp. 90.000 will be added to your account.

  5. Payment Terms

    When project owner pays for their project our system will automatically cut 10% of total amount. If project successfully finish we will transfer rest 90% to worker and if there is any complain about project process from owner after arbitration we will transfer back that 90% to owner or divide it between both owner and worker based on arbitration result. The point is: regardless of project result KerjaRemote will cut 10% for using it's services.


  1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Go to your profile (settings), click on security and click on Enable two-factor authentication button. You will be redirected to next page where you can see more details about this feature and click on Sign up using app button. In the next page you can scan your personal QR code using Google Authenticator app and your two-factor authentication will be activated.

  2. Captcha

    If our website (kerja remote) find suspicious activity from your computer while filling each for it might ask you to verify that you're not a robot, this feature is currently activated on contact us form, bid form, bid chat forms and other forms on this website.

  3. SSL

    Always make sure you are visiting kerja remote website with SSL activated. in all times you must be access kerjaremote.online with https:// like this https://kerjaremote.online if you see any warning on your browser address bar or visiting any URL behalf of kerja remote that is not on our main domain www.kerjaremote.online we strongly suggest you to close those tabs and avoid of sharing any information on those links.

  4. Cloud

    Kerja remote website is serving you by cloud encryption and our cloud security might sometimes ask you for verification to avoid any subspecies activity on our website by bots or malwares.

Semua Tentang Proyek

  1. Cara membuat proyek

  2. Bagaimana cara menawar sebuah proyek

  3. Bid chats (messaging)

  4. Menerima tawaran

  5. Menerima hasil kerja

    How project owner want to receive work results is a personal deal between project owner and worker, worker can share project result on Git repositories and grant access to project owner or send final files through report system on kerja remote or else publish it on project owner personal server, etc. (important: receiving project results has to be mentioned either in project details or in chat between worker and owner therefore kerja remote can verify the rights, if none of this conditions are met kerja remote might not to be able to make fair decision and both parties have to obey the decision regardless)

    Note to project owners: Kerja remote has strict policy against owners who will receive their project results and fill complain based on not receiving it (if result is not complete that's a different matter than claiming you have not receive the result in general), DO NOT try to receive work result and attempt to return your money back (it's not fair to workers, their time, their afford and their family).

    If kerja remote finds out that project owners are trying to cheat on workers in any aspect, your account might get suspended forever and you'll lose the right of having any further complain against worker or kerja remote.

    Note to project workers:  Kerja remote has strict policy against workers who will win a project and try to hold results for money released by owners. If your money is secured by kerja remote, you're forced to share results with owner based on your contract (shared in project description or in kerja remote chats) you're not eligible to hold project owner results in order to force them for fund release.

    If kerja remote finds out that workers are trying to cheat on project owners in any aspect, your account might get suspended forever and you'll lose the right of having any further complain against project owner or kerja remote.

  6. Tawaran saya diterima sekarang apa?

    After your bid being accepted by project owner we will send you an email to inform you, we also strongly suggest you to NOT START WORKING on the project until we send you second email that verifies project owner secured your payment by kerjaremote. after receiving verification email you can start work on the project.

  7. Tawaran saya ditolak sekarang apa?

    If your bid was rejected by owner or by system based on another worker being accepted, there is nothing else you can do. Keep searching for next projects.

Semua Tentang Akun

  1. Public and Private information

  2. Points calculation

  3. Packages & Subscribes

  4. Mailings

    Go to your profile (settings), click on Mail Settings and you can check or uncheck each feature mailing to subscribe or unsubscribe from those lists.

  5. Cara Update Detail Akun


  1. Sell

    Every member can now sell their digital products on kerjaremote.online platform as long as following this rules:

    • Product has to be digital (website files, design files, music, video, plugins, modules, etc.)
    • Product created by user or his/her legal company (in case of organization seller must have authorization note)
    • Null, Cracked products are not allowed.
    • Products by copy right of other people, companies, organizations etc. are not allowed (only your own products).
    • Product files must be included guide files (text, photo, video) in order to guide buyers how to run the product.
    • Products with any sort of virus are forbidding of being published.

    Note: this list might be updated during the time, make sure to check it constantly. 

  2. File Limits

    Uploading files for sell has limitation of 50 MB and it has to be in ZIP format.

    Note: files must contain guide file (text, image or video) if not, buyer can request for full refund.

  3. Buy

    Every member can now buy digital products published on kerjaremote.online platform, make sure to read following:

    • Make sure to read product description carefully before purchase.
    • Kerjaremote.online only accepts online payments trough this website (www.kerjaremote.online) and any sort of arrangements and payments out of our platform in on your own risk.
    • Downloading link will be available to you once payment successfully received by kerjaremote.online .
    • IF downloading files (1) does not contain guide file(s), (2) IT IS contain any sort of virus, (3) it is not what was described on product description, (4) files are broken (not that you can't run them, but they are actually broken), in any case of those situations you can ask for full refund of your money. (we encourage you to contact seller for confirmation of the issue before you raise a complain)

    Note: this list might be updated during the time, make sure to check it constantly. 


  1. Tolong

    Untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut tentang KERJA REMOTE silakan baca Syarat dan Ketentuan kami juga Kebijakan Privasi kami.

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