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  1. How to create new account

    For registration please visit https://kerjaremote.online/register or click on register link in header.


    Note1: to activate your account we will send you verification email please avoid using fake email address.

    Note2: if you do not active your account, your data will be terminated permanently after 30 days.

  2. How verify my account

    Once you complete registration process we will send you activation link to your email address. Click on link in email and your account will be verify.

  3. How to secure my account

    We are strongly suggest you to activate 2fa from your profile page, but it's completely optional.


    More information provided once you visit your profile.

  4. How to login

  5. Retrieving my account

    If you or someone with your password deleted your account and you want to take back your account, you can contact us at info(@)kerjaremote.online and provide your legal identity documents we will help you to bring your account to life again.


    Note: this process can be done only if you filled your profile data previously, for those who didn't fill their profile with real data we are not able to help you.


  1. When should I pay?

    If you're project owner and you have accepted a user bid you'll be redirect to online payment page and there you can proceed your payment.

  2. How to withdraw my money?

    Once a project owner has accepted the results of your work you'll be able to request withdraw your money.

    Note: minimum amount for withdraw is Rp. 100.000 .

  3. Payment methods

    You're able to pay your bills by VISA CARD or CREDIT CARD issued by Indonesian banks.

    We are currently only accepting online payments and not bank wire.


    Your payments will proceed by Midtrans platform on kerja remote website.

  4. Commission

    Kerja remote provides free of use services to all it's users.

    The commission that kerja remote is taking is equal to 10% of bid amount.



    If you bid for a project with amount of Rp. 100.000 , kerja remote will earn Rp. 10.000 and Rp. 90.000 will be added to your account.

  5. Payment Terms


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All About Projects

  1. How to create a project

  2. How to bid on a project

  3. Chats

  4. Accepting bid

  5. Accepting work result

  6. My bid is accepted now what?

  7. My bid was rejected now what?

All About Accounts

  1. Public and Private information

  2. Points calculation

  3. Packages & Subscribes

  4. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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  1. Help

    To get more information about KERJA REMOTE please read our Terms and Conditions also our Privacy Policy

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