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Last update: 2021-01-06 02:29:30

As you know the new EU data protection law - General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) - came into effect. We wanted to let you know we are compliant with this new law and that the security of your personal data is the most importance to us.

Our Privacy Policy document is right here. To make it short:

  1. we are using your data only to be able to deliver our services to you.
  2. you can request deleting your data at any time.
  3. we are NEVER going to sell your personal data to anyone.
  4. Some of your data never publish in website for public.


Kerja Remote is GDPR Compliant

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and it now explains in more detail what information about you we collect, why we collect it, and how we protect it. We also want to give you full control over your data on our platform, and make sure you know your rights to update, manage, export and delete it.

Nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed at Kerja Remote - with the updates to our Privacy Policy, we’ve brought in increased clarity on what information is collected, why and for how long. With GDPR, we’ve also updated our Terms of Conditions to include a Data Processing Agreement .

Data that we collect

  • Your name (Required when you register)
  • Email Address (Required when you register)
  • Username (Required when you register)
  • Image (optional)
  • Country (Required if you want to shop from us)
  • State (Required if you want to shop from us)
  • City (Required if you want to shop from us)
  • Address (Required if you want to shop from us)
  • Phone number (Required if you want to shop from us)

Why we collect data above?

  • Registration requires fields are for us to track our users by names, usernames & email addresses + sending notifications about their activity on our platform.
  • Address fields are require for online payments at Kerja Remote, they must be filled before you intent to purchase or withdraw by our third parties such as PayPal and Midtrans.


What we do not collect from you?

  • We never collect your personal data such as D.O.B
  • We never collect any of your bank accounting info such as "card number, pins, names, ccv" or anything else in that matter (you payment data collection will store to our third party websites such as PayPal and Midtrans. You can read those websites privacy policy)


Thank you for trusting us and using Kerja Remote. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.


Kerja Remote TEAM.

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